Education Internationalization should not be a gimmick

I think the “international” there is no need to emphasize a certain “international students” and “going out” of course, can also be part of the internationalization. Or, this is the initial stage of the international school – when a country school quality is obviously at a disadvantage compared with other countries, to learn his country’s advanced educational philosophy, management methods, it is very important, therefore it is necessary to “go out” However, if you conclude that this is the “internationalization” of all, appears a serious problem, on the one hand, only the pursuit of the “internationalization” of the formal “go out” teachers, and can not be brought back to a state-of-the-art philosophy or even brought back also not found in the school comes in. On the other hand, will forget the real purpose of “going out”, “internationalization” is just to allow more students to study abroad, and promote local education propulsion reforms to improve quality.

For education in China, the most international, not teachers, not the course, but the basic system of schools, which is completely brought that with the. Some schools believe that the introduction of foreign students sent out at the same time, appropriate courses, original materials, to hire foreign teachers, they can raise the level of internationalization, However, each country has its own cultural environment, copy the course system is not suitable for certain, after all, a foreign university courses, the school teachers Committee, orientation, school conditions independent set a school to move out of their own characteristics, Orientation and school conditions, should also be combined with courses.


This is how students fight for their rights

In the evening of December 12, Zhejiang Xianju ambitious secondary school principals Zhouze An trash inside the garbage poured in a school Girls head, and said, “This is my education. BEIJING reporters interviewed the Xianju ambitious secondary school principals Zhouze An, he said he has always been a good student, and after you hang up the phone. But when the reporter interviewed a number of students of the school, everyone says this.

It is worth noting that the school students revealed that the incident occurred, the school had issued a “gag order” – to study up teacher confessed with everyone, the principal is the day to see that students next trash garbage on to lift trash, accidentally inside the garbage out her, but also specifically with the students, said that he did not know if these days a reporter to interview. However, the “gag order” did not play a role, the face of the matter, the High School (7), each student in the class are filled with indignation, hope the principals to give an explanation, everyone was shocked to read in the classroom blackboard “Zhouze An apology” Five characters, on the windows near the corridor, labeled as “Zhouze An apology Give me back my dignity,” a piece of paper. “At the same time, each of the students in the class when morning run in the morning, the slogan ‘Zhouze An apology’ instead.”

These students practice worthy of admiration. Tautology apply the principals said, “This is what students fight for rights of way”. In fact, this is the essence of the student government, the student should effectively protect their own interests, should be on the way through the student government, collectively by students involved in this, school leaders or teachers have done something wrong to apologize to the students. Secondary schools the reason for the formation of a student organization, not just by its students self-education, self-management, and more importantly, the decision-making and oversight on behalf of the students involved in school affairs.

Campus security events don’t have to be covered up

The State of Connecticut, USA Sandy Hook Elementary School campus shootings occurred, resulting in 28 People were killed, including 20 5-10, This is to children in the Following the 2007 Virginia Tech shootings after the most serious school shootings in U.S. history is the most severe bloody shooting incident took place in the primary school campus. the incident caused great concern of the international community, President Barack Obama then delivered a televised speech, saying “Our hearts are broken. the American Police dynamic announced the case the progress of the investigation.

Admittedly, the campus malignant safety event, not a glorious thing, that campus security management, social management problems, like the shootings in the United States, it reflects the serious problems of American society, the proliferation of firearms, but a full investigation and announced vicious incident, not only to meet the needs of the public’s right to know, but also to reflect on and to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents need. As the most serious primary school shootings in American history, the high degree of public concern is a normal, comprehensive coverage of the overwhelming media is also very normal. Similarly, Henan Guangshan pupils are chopped, Together, which is shocking vicious incident, the local government should attach great importance, rather than downplay blockade information.

Can a Non-Chinese Citizen be our University President?

Recently, the Ministry of Education to expand the the pilot directly under the open selection of college presidents scope of work. Following last year’s global open selection of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Northeast Normal University, 12 On March 4, the Ministry of Education announced its decision to open selection at home and abroad for the Beijing University of Science and Technology, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, China Pharmaceutical University President. requirements announcement applicants should be a Chinese citizen, and not foreign permanent residency or elected principals voluntarily give up the right of permanent residence abroad.

Online sparked heated debate . While a lot of friends in favor of this requirement, but also friends ask, why should we limit Chinese citizens, and not to employ foreign nationals as a university president? This is an interesting phenomenon, because the public election principals of the Ministry of Education last year, also mentioning the registration requirements at the time and did not attract everyone’s attention. The netizens of concern, that everyone’s ideas are constantly changing, which also requires education authorities to make changes.

In fact, this requirement, proposed by the Ministry of Education is to act within the law.China’s “Higher Education Act” Article 40 stipulates that the president of an institution of higher learning by citizens under the conditions of employment in line with the Education Act as “and” Education Law “Article 30provides that,” schools and other educational institutions will be held in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State to determine the management system for the schools or other educational institutions. schools and other educational institutions of the president or the chief person in charge must have the nationality of the People’s Republic of China, to settle in China with state regulations worked conditions of the citizens of the appointment and removal in accordance with relevant state regulations teaching and administration of the school by the principal responsible. ”

Allow non-citizens who are principals, then it is necessary to amend the Education Act, the Higher Education Act. The attendant problems, it is necessary to limit school principals nationality? In many countries seems to have not a problem, as early as in 2000 years former president of Fudan University, Yang appointed to the United Kingdom University of Principals, this is considered to be the pride of the Chinese people. Well, since Chinese citizens can be proud to go to any of the principals of foreign universities, why expatriates are unable to act as Chancellor of the Chinese University?

principals whether by expatriates, the key is that our schools whether the establishment of a modern school system. Hired who in the framework of the modern school system, principals, school autonomy. Generally speaking, universities in the implementation of a modern school system, is responsible for the school decision-making Council of the University (University Board of Directors), the selection of principals by the principal selection committee of the University Council responsible, specific selection criteria, according to the school’s educational positioning, school requirements determined, regardless of the nationality of the candidates, independent of the executive level. If a university is the implementation of the school system, the principal selection to face the world, then, is entirely possible to serve as principal by expatriates. Who is suitable for dry, who can do a better job, who is going to dry.

How to manage the chaos if International Class

In recent years, some of China’s large and medium-sized cities of high school, “International Class” is becoming increasingly popular, many schools played a Sino-foreign cooperative international elite education “schools admission signs to attract more and more parents to send their children to the student. However, the Xinhua News Agency “Xinhua Viewpoint” reporter survey found that some of the “international class” is not only very expensive, but the quality of teaching worrisome. Shanghai Education Commission also confirmed to reporters that “international class” in addition to five after approval of schools, kindergartens, International Department, Shanghai some schools offer courses without approval, teacher uneven level. (Xinhua, December 9)

For International Class chaos, the public opinion calls for strengthening supervision. This is the idea of ​​administrative governance. In my opinion, the “international class” should be based on the nature of the organizers, enrollment training model, the implementation of the different regulatory order to improve the quality of the “International Class”, is that the consumption of the educated (and their parents) rational, because The vast majority of “international class” belong to the education and training of its credibility and educational status, should be established through market competition.

“International Class” of the current high school into four categories. The first category is truly “international class”, to recruit international students, organized by the International Class, must be approved by the education authorities and the foreign affairs department; second category is the “International Class” to be included in the exam enrollment plan, which class “international class” need to be approved by the administrative department of education, Rated enrollment plan, “international class” students, both in high school enrollment, and obtain a high school enrollment of cooperative education institutions choose to participate in the “foreign college entrance, also may participate in mainland entrance; ordinary high schools (including public high school), “International Class” unplanned admissions International Class students do not pass the exam enrollment, Mainland High School student status, can only participate in the “foreign college entrance examination; the unplanned fourth category is organized by the education and training institutions “international class, and high school” International Class “is similar to the mode of operation.

Education Reformation shuld not live up students’confidence on it

Nanya large outgoing messages, Nanya generals granted autonomy in 2011 experimental class students enrolled in the first batch of education reform Diploma, and strive to the “gold” of not less than and higher than the Ministry of Education Marketing diploma, the school also plans to gradually achieve “self-granted degree, spontaneous Diploma “, in order to break the” iron rice bowl “of the education system.

Accordingly, the public opinion analysis the STSP large continues to persist in advancing the reform of the “self-degrees. But In fact, Nanya autonomy granted to the first batch of students of Diploma, this reform has to belong to the past tense, because the degree in accordance with our management approach, the Nanya large first students did not participate in the college entrance examination, is unable to obtain a diploma granted by the State ‘s. These students four school graduation diploma can only be granted by the school.

Nanya large enrollment card this year Tiqian Pi enrollment of 180 students, and through the entrance, there is public opinion analysis Nanya big first session of self-enrollment students “fate”, one of the most important is their ability to obtain state-recognized diploma . I was on the analysis of these students, if you do not fill a college entrance program, is unable to obtain the degree of national recognition, and whether they can get a state diploma, depending on their willingness to insist on not go if they do not value a diploma a program, they will not get national diploma.

From the current situation, these students apparently have been made not to the National Academic selection. In fact, as early as in their admission, has been set aside academic thinking, follow Nanya big President Chu “independent recruitment, self-degrees” reform, willing to do education reform “mice”, otherwise, they will not give up can into the system within a prestigious opportunity to join this education reform trial. Since then, the Ministry of Education has asked a group of students to take the exam – this is actually meant to supplement a program – but this group of students refused to participate in the college entrance examination, which have indicated their determination.

It’s Easy to Make a Poor Student a Good One

When a student repeatedly suffered the defeat, he becomes poor students do not have a student born and it is destined to be a poor student. So let a poor student really changed for the better.

My first job, did not dare to say this sentence, but I dare say, because of my years of experience have proven this thing. Let a poor student really changed for the better, how to do it? Is the opposite. Produced only poor students repeatedly suffered the defeat, a poor student changed for the better, is to allow him to repeatedly enjoy the joy of success, the students will be slowly changed for the better.

Teenager I used this method and philosophy, helping a student out of the woods, to success. I deeply appreciate that, as teachers, as parents, we should learn to appreciate the child. “Problem” children need teachers, parents holding a magnifying glass to look for their advantage, because the more the more children, the teachers, the parents in the eyes of the more useless, these students get are others his criticism, accusations.

But the advantages do not find chaos, you find he has advantages. “Good boy boast out of my view, I often spread throughout the country, many parents feel that I was right, they will only criticize the child, listening to my advice, go back began to boast of their own children.

Boast boast the child more uncomfortable, “My child, you are too smart”, “My child, you awesome”, “My child, you can do it” …… all so hollow, weak praise confused the child flesh crawl.

Our teacher, parents should bring a magnifying glass to find the advantages of students, but only if you really find is the advantage of the students.

I remember the Spring Festival of 2006, RDFZ a student attended the final exam, his father brought my office. Because the final exam of the child is poor, and wanted me to help him.

A boy to my office, low head and did not look at me. I asked him: “This time your final exam examination?”

Child a timid eyes looked at me, trembling, not to speak it, his father said: “It was a mess!” Said as he mercilessly smote upon my sofa.

I looked at the expression of his father that bristle, suddenly remembered a remark: “problem children from problem families.” Their emotions irrepressible parents in front of me, I will not, it is conceivable the child how cruel, No wonder his kids are so submissive, little masculinity are not entirely his dad this domineering attitude ruined.

I see parents if so, I can not child dialogue with their children, I do not worry about anything else, I am worried that my sofa was to whack bad parents. I had to ask him out, chat for a while and the children alone.

And so he was gone, I asked the kid this time had also passed the final exam.

The boy said: “Wang, compared to this time my final exam and midterm exam in the class improved two spots.

One, eyes lit up, the boy said: “My child, you are too much, you is not easy! The each student RDFZ inside strength is strong, you’re less than two months time , turned out to the class raise two rankings too simple you have time for a year and a half (the students read sophomore), if you grit your teeth, every such magnitude increase, to the college entrance examination, not admitted to the University can not even have admitted to Peking University, Tsinghua University, ‘dangerous’ to see if you dare to challenge their own. ”

I say this, is to enlarge the advantages of students. He raised two ranking really is an advantage, but I enlarged his advantage, narrowing his shortcomings, and he depicts a bright future.