A Pre-Preparing is Necessary when Talking witg Children

In a parent conference, Dongcheng District, the mother of a high school boys seem to completely ignore the existence of the other parents, to describe what happened between her children will fall. It can be said, for parents narrate things I did not hear that quite clear, so I would like to remind parents to control their emotions, and asked whether this tone she normally talk with the child, and that makes the mother a little quiet down. After getting to know that, my mother said that the children used to be very obedient, very good grades to enter high school followed by parents communicate less and less, rarely mentioned to the parents for what is happening in the school as well as their own learning situation. Whenever parents tried to talk to him about these topics, or to see their children in a bad mood, and parents to persuade a few words, the child often is the door to a related, but there has been no direct conflict with their parents. Recent monthly tests, grades slipped more obvious, the mood is very low see children, parents also in front of the children revealed the worried, ask the reasons for the decline of child achievement, and reminded to sum ​​up the experience so that when a similar situation in the college entrance examination. Can not think of the children reacted very intense, wrestling hit the books, and say that they do not want to school. Mother earnestly persuasion, encouragement, her mother’s efforts seemed to have little effect, but rather children at her rage, even angry rebuke mother from this to keep their mouths shut. Here mother broke down in tears, her lest Yuekao defeat a child caused by a blow, he is certainly even make some irrational things, so she has time to accompany their children around, do everything possible to comfort the children. She do not understand why their good intentions, the children are not grateful. The mother said, now they are afraid of their children came home from school, she did not know what to say in front of children. For her, with the conversation between the child simply an intractable problem.

In fact, the parents are not alone, and how to communicate with their children, many parents confused. As children grow, the parents seemed more and more do not know how to speak with their children. Sometimes dialogue between parent and child, the parents may detonate bombs viewer is not aware. So often have parents through my mailbox, blog, consultation should be how to communicate with their children, and even asked to deal with specific issues, should talk to their children that Naju Hua. Can understand the feelings of the parents, but also the spirit of this learning I was moved. But I think that the parents of the child to say, when to say, that children only want to hear what, this is a science, parents need to spend time pondering. Not that I told the parents to their child Naju Hua said parents will be able to receive the desired effect. Because the same sentence, the speaker’s tone and expression, the effect is certainly different. Because words can change people’s oral, inner thoughts could not conceal. And the interaction between the parents, children in each family, the child’s personality is different, and sometimes even speak different scenarios will be making the same sentence, the effect is very different. So to speak with the children and parents to prepare lessons.

My daughter every time during the exam, and I are her designated specifically accompany. Because she knew in her time of greatest need, I can make a word, she was full of energy. Especially the college entrance examination, a few days after each expedition, I will observe the child’s face, “Man under Caidie”, targeted to help the child emotional adjustment in a timely manner and exam status, makes her super level of play, there is no suspense into Peking University. In fact, and not just the child to participate in a major exam or to talk about children’s learning, parents speak to prepare lessons, always get along with the kids, all aspects, parents with children, especially adolescent children to speak, must be well thought out to do enough homework.


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