It’s Easy to Make a Poor Student a Good One

When a student repeatedly suffered the defeat, he becomes poor students do not have a student born and it is destined to be a poor student. So let a poor student really changed for the better.

My first job, did not dare to say this sentence, but I dare say, because of my years of experience have proven this thing. Let a poor student really changed for the better, how to do it? Is the opposite. Produced only poor students repeatedly suffered the defeat, a poor student changed for the better, is to allow him to repeatedly enjoy the joy of success, the students will be slowly changed for the better.

Teenager I used this method and philosophy, helping a student out of the woods, to success. I deeply appreciate that, as teachers, as parents, we should learn to appreciate the child. “Problem” children need teachers, parents holding a magnifying glass to look for their advantage, because the more the more children, the teachers, the parents in the eyes of the more useless, these students get are others his criticism, accusations.

But the advantages do not find chaos, you find he has advantages. “Good boy boast out of my view, I often spread throughout the country, many parents feel that I was right, they will only criticize the child, listening to my advice, go back began to boast of their own children.

Boast boast the child more uncomfortable, “My child, you are too smart”, “My child, you awesome”, “My child, you can do it” …… all so hollow, weak praise confused the child flesh crawl.

Our teacher, parents should bring a magnifying glass to find the advantages of students, but only if you really find is the advantage of the students.

I remember the Spring Festival of 2006, RDFZ a student attended the final exam, his father brought my office. Because the final exam of the child is poor, and wanted me to help him.

A boy to my office, low head and did not look at me. I asked him: “This time your final exam examination?”

Child a timid eyes looked at me, trembling, not to speak it, his father said: “It was a mess!” Said as he mercilessly smote upon my sofa.

I looked at the expression of his father that bristle, suddenly remembered a remark: “problem children from problem families.” Their emotions irrepressible parents in front of me, I will not, it is conceivable the child how cruel, No wonder his kids are so submissive, little masculinity are not entirely his dad this domineering attitude ruined.

I see parents if so, I can not child dialogue with their children, I do not worry about anything else, I am worried that my sofa was to whack bad parents. I had to ask him out, chat for a while and the children alone.

And so he was gone, I asked the kid this time had also passed the final exam.

The boy said: “Wang, compared to this time my final exam and midterm exam in the class improved two spots.

One, eyes lit up, the boy said: “My child, you are too much, you is not easy! The each student RDFZ inside strength is strong, you’re less than two months time , turned out to the class raise two rankings too simple you have time for a year and a half (the students read sophomore), if you grit your teeth, every such magnitude increase, to the college entrance examination, not admitted to the University can not even have admitted to Peking University, Tsinghua University, ‘dangerous’ to see if you dare to challenge their own. ”

I say this, is to enlarge the advantages of students. He raised two ranking really is an advantage, but I enlarged his advantage, narrowing his shortcomings, and he depicts a bright future.


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