Can a Non-Chinese Citizen be our University President?

Recently, the Ministry of Education to expand the the pilot directly under the open selection of college presidents scope of work. Following last year’s global open selection of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Northeast Normal University, 12 On March 4, the Ministry of Education announced its decision to open selection at home and abroad for the Beijing University of Science and Technology, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, China Pharmaceutical University President. requirements announcement applicants should be a Chinese citizen, and not foreign permanent residency or elected principals voluntarily give up the right of permanent residence abroad.

Online sparked heated debate . While a lot of friends in favor of this requirement, but also friends ask, why should we limit Chinese citizens, and not to employ foreign nationals as a university president? This is an interesting phenomenon, because the public election principals of the Ministry of Education last year, also mentioning the registration requirements at the time and did not attract everyone’s attention. The netizens of concern, that everyone’s ideas are constantly changing, which also requires education authorities to make changes.

In fact, this requirement, proposed by the Ministry of Education is to act within the law.China’s “Higher Education Act” Article 40 stipulates that the president of an institution of higher learning by citizens under the conditions of employment in line with the Education Act as “and” Education Law “Article 30provides that,” schools and other educational institutions will be held in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State to determine the management system for the schools or other educational institutions. schools and other educational institutions of the president or the chief person in charge must have the nationality of the People’s Republic of China, to settle in China with state regulations worked conditions of the citizens of the appointment and removal in accordance with relevant state regulations teaching and administration of the school by the principal responsible. ”

Allow non-citizens who are principals, then it is necessary to amend the Education Act, the Higher Education Act. The attendant problems, it is necessary to limit school principals nationality? In many countries seems to have not a problem, as early as in 2000 years former president of Fudan University, Yang appointed to the United Kingdom University of Principals, this is considered to be the pride of the Chinese people. Well, since Chinese citizens can be proud to go to any of the principals of foreign universities, why expatriates are unable to act as Chancellor of the Chinese University?

principals whether by expatriates, the key is that our schools whether the establishment of a modern school system. Hired who in the framework of the modern school system, principals, school autonomy. Generally speaking, universities in the implementation of a modern school system, is responsible for the school decision-making Council of the University (University Board of Directors), the selection of principals by the principal selection committee of the University Council responsible, specific selection criteria, according to the school’s educational positioning, school requirements determined, regardless of the nationality of the candidates, independent of the executive level. If a university is the implementation of the school system, the principal selection to face the world, then, is entirely possible to serve as principal by expatriates. Who is suitable for dry, who can do a better job, who is going to dry.


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