Education Reformation shuld not live up students’confidence on it

Nanya large outgoing messages, Nanya generals granted autonomy in 2011 experimental class students enrolled in the first batch of education reform Diploma, and strive to the “gold” of not less than and higher than the Ministry of Education Marketing diploma, the school also plans to gradually achieve “self-granted degree, spontaneous Diploma “, in order to break the” iron rice bowl “of the education system.

Accordingly, the public opinion analysis the STSP large continues to persist in advancing the reform of the “self-degrees. But In fact, Nanya autonomy granted to the first batch of students of Diploma, this reform has to belong to the past tense, because the degree in accordance with our management approach, the Nanya large first students did not participate in the college entrance examination, is unable to obtain a diploma granted by the State ‘s. These students four school graduation diploma can only be granted by the school.

Nanya large enrollment card this year Tiqian Pi enrollment of 180 students, and through the entrance, there is public opinion analysis Nanya big first session of self-enrollment students “fate”, one of the most important is their ability to obtain state-recognized diploma . I was on the analysis of these students, if you do not fill a college entrance program, is unable to obtain the degree of national recognition, and whether they can get a state diploma, depending on their willingness to insist on not go if they do not value a diploma a program, they will not get national diploma.

From the current situation, these students apparently have been made not to the National Academic selection. In fact, as early as in their admission, has been set aside academic thinking, follow Nanya big President Chu “independent recruitment, self-degrees” reform, willing to do education reform “mice”, otherwise, they will not give up can into the system within a prestigious opportunity to join this education reform trial. Since then, the Ministry of Education has asked a group of students to take the exam – this is actually meant to supplement a program – but this group of students refused to participate in the college entrance examination, which have indicated their determination.


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