How to manage the chaos if International Class

In recent years, some of China’s large and medium-sized cities of high school, “International Class” is becoming increasingly popular, many schools played a Sino-foreign cooperative international elite education “schools admission signs to attract more and more parents to send their children to the student. However, the Xinhua News Agency “Xinhua Viewpoint” reporter survey found that some of the “international class” is not only very expensive, but the quality of teaching worrisome. Shanghai Education Commission also confirmed to reporters that “international class” in addition to five after approval of schools, kindergartens, International Department, Shanghai some schools offer courses without approval, teacher uneven level. (Xinhua, December 9)

For International Class chaos, the public opinion calls for strengthening supervision. This is the idea of ​​administrative governance. In my opinion, the “international class” should be based on the nature of the organizers, enrollment training model, the implementation of the different regulatory order to improve the quality of the “International Class”, is that the consumption of the educated (and their parents) rational, because The vast majority of “international class” belong to the education and training of its credibility and educational status, should be established through market competition.

“International Class” of the current high school into four categories. The first category is truly “international class”, to recruit international students, organized by the International Class, must be approved by the education authorities and the foreign affairs department; second category is the “International Class” to be included in the exam enrollment plan, which class “international class” need to be approved by the administrative department of education, Rated enrollment plan, “international class” students, both in high school enrollment, and obtain a high school enrollment of cooperative education institutions choose to participate in the “foreign college entrance, also may participate in mainland entrance; ordinary high schools (including public high school), “International Class” unplanned admissions International Class students do not pass the exam enrollment, Mainland High School student status, can only participate in the “foreign college entrance examination; the unplanned fourth category is organized by the education and training institutions “international class, and high school” International Class “is similar to the mode of operation.


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