Campus security events don’t have to be covered up

The State of Connecticut, USA Sandy Hook Elementary School campus shootings occurred, resulting in 28 People were killed, including 20 5-10, This is to children in the Following the 2007 Virginia Tech shootings after the most serious school shootings in U.S. history is the most severe bloody shooting incident took place in the primary school campus. the incident caused great concern of the international community, President Barack Obama then delivered a televised speech, saying “Our hearts are broken. the American Police dynamic announced the case the progress of the investigation.

Admittedly, the campus malignant safety event, not a glorious thing, that campus security management, social management problems, like the shootings in the United States, it reflects the serious problems of American society, the proliferation of firearms, but a full investigation and announced vicious incident, not only to meet the needs of the public’s right to know, but also to reflect on and to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents need. As the most serious primary school shootings in American history, the high degree of public concern is a normal, comprehensive coverage of the overwhelming media is also very normal. Similarly, Henan Guangshan pupils are chopped, Together, which is shocking vicious incident, the local government should attach great importance, rather than downplay blockade information.


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