Education Internationalization should not be a gimmick

I think the “international” there is no need to emphasize a certain “international students” and “going out” of course, can also be part of the internationalization. Or, this is the initial stage of the international school – when a country school quality is obviously at a disadvantage compared with other countries, to learn his country’s advanced educational philosophy, management methods, it is very important, therefore it is necessary to “go out” However, if you conclude that this is the “internationalization” of all, appears a serious problem, on the one hand, only the pursuit of the “internationalization” of the formal “go out” teachers, and can not be brought back to a state-of-the-art philosophy or even brought back also not found in the school comes in. On the other hand, will forget the real purpose of “going out”, “internationalization” is just to allow more students to study abroad, and promote local education propulsion reforms to improve quality.

For education in China, the most international, not teachers, not the course, but the basic system of schools, which is completely brought that with the. Some schools believe that the introduction of foreign students sent out at the same time, appropriate courses, original materials, to hire foreign teachers, they can raise the level of internationalization, However, each country has its own cultural environment, copy the course system is not suitable for certain, after all, a foreign university courses, the school teachers Committee, orientation, school conditions independent set a school to move out of their own characteristics, Orientation and school conditions, should also be combined with courses.


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