This is how students fight for their rights

In the evening of December 12, Zhejiang Xianju ambitious secondary school principals Zhouze An trash inside the garbage poured in a school Girls head, and said, “This is my education. BEIJING reporters interviewed the Xianju ambitious secondary school principals Zhouze An, he said he has always been a good student, and after you hang up the phone. But when the reporter interviewed a number of students of the school, everyone says this.

It is worth noting that the school students revealed that the incident occurred, the school had issued a “gag order” – to study up teacher confessed with everyone, the principal is the day to see that students next trash garbage on to lift trash, accidentally inside the garbage out her, but also specifically with the students, said that he did not know if these days a reporter to interview. However, the “gag order” did not play a role, the face of the matter, the High School (7), each student in the class are filled with indignation, hope the principals to give an explanation, everyone was shocked to read in the classroom blackboard “Zhouze An apology” Five characters, on the windows near the corridor, labeled as “Zhouze An apology Give me back my dignity,” a piece of paper. “At the same time, each of the students in the class when morning run in the morning, the slogan ‘Zhouze An apology’ instead.”

These students practice worthy of admiration. Tautology apply the principals said, “This is what students fight for rights of way”. In fact, this is the essence of the student government, the student should effectively protect their own interests, should be on the way through the student government, collectively by students involved in this, school leaders or teachers have done something wrong to apologize to the students. Secondary schools the reason for the formation of a student organization, not just by its students self-education, self-management, and more importantly, the decision-making and oversight on behalf of the students involved in school affairs.


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